Sunday, October 10, 2010

Beer with the Cates :)

The Budweiser headquarters are located here in St. Louis, so we decided to visit last Saturday with the Cates. Even though I am not a beer fan, I enjoyed learning about the company's history and the process of making a beer. The plant was very beautiful, with nice landscaped lawns and old brick buildings. At the end we got two beers to try. I tried the Bud Light Lime, yet being 11:30 am did not need another sample. Here are some pictures of the tour:

Beautiful stables for the Clydesdales.

This used to be an old schoolhouse for the Anheuser and Busch children. Once they figured out that running a school on the property of a large factory wasn't smart, they turned the building into an office building.
The inside of the buildings were all in use, yet they were beautifully crafted with intricate iron work and huge chandeliers for lighting.
It was a fun visit that lasted about 2 hours complete with a beer tasting at the end. We decided it was a great St. Louis attraction that we will do with most of our guests that come and visit. Best of all it was free! Happy Monday!

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