Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cardinals with the Cates

Marty's parents drove the 15 hours to come a visit for a long weekend this past weekend. We has a wonderful time catching up and sight seeing together. We went to a Cardinal's game on Friday night, and the Cardinals beat the Colorado Rockies! This was my first Cardinals game, and it was such a fun evening I hope we will be able to attend more next season.
A few Covenant students told us about a concession stand right outside of the stadium. They sell all your normal baseball food items, yet for really cheap (compared to the stadium food). Hot dogs and brats are $2.oo, as apposed to the $8 ones across the street in the stadium. They have an agreement with the stadium so you can bring all their food into the stadium with you.
You are also allowed to bring in a cooler of drinks in plastic bottles. So we enjoyed diet coke and waters throughout the game.

There was also a Build A Bear workshop in the stadium where you could make FredBird stuffed animals or bears with Cardinals uniforms. I haven't been to a major league baseball game in a while, so this may be standard at all stadiums, yet I was surprised to see that!
Overall, it was a great, Fall evening to sit outside and enjoy a good ball game!

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