Friday, October 29, 2010

We are official

Today was parent-teacher conference day at school, and because I am an assistant I got the day off! I have never been happier not to be teaching. Conferences were my absolute least favorite part of my job as a teacher. I took advantage of this day off to become an official resident of Missouri. It is sad to see my Virginia tags and license replaced, yet the experience was way more pleasant than I expected. In Virginia, you go to the DMV and wait and wait and wait. After waiting, you may receive the help you need, you may not. It is extremely complicated and stressful procedure. Here in Missouri, they have no DMV (gasp). They have little License Bureaus that are located in small store fronts in strip malls. There are many of these offices. Yes, you take a number, yet there are usually only 2-5 people in line ahead of you. I went to get my license and my plates separately today, and each trip took a total of maybe 20 minutes until everything was said and done! 20 minutes! I have to say, that this is one thing that Missouri does better than Virginia.

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Ashley said...

yay! everything looks great! but I hope it can all change back to sweet ol' VA papers in time :) miss you!