Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Stacy's Wedding

We had a wonderful time in Virginia celebrating our friends wedding.  We were in central Virginia, about 45 outside of Charlottsville.  No cell phone reception, no cable TV, just a good ole' country weekend with friends.  We stayed in a cabin with two other couples and stayed up way to late catching up and doing puzzles.
The wedding ceremony was held in a quaint old church near town.  The reception was held in a picnic lodge, and was decorated with lights on the ceiling white pumpkins as centerpieces, and a huge fireplace warmed up the room.
Cute little country church up in town

There were mason jars hung from the ceiling with candles inside.  The place cards were tied onto the branches in the center of the table.

We wrote Stacy and David a note and put it in these tiny envelopes attached to a scrapbook.

The ceiling was covered with stings of white lights and a huge fireplace warmed the room.

White pumpkins with gold splattered paint were the centerpieces.

Cute stamped napkin rings and apple butter as the favors

We had such a wonderful time visiting with friends in Virginia.  It made us miss living on the east coast a lot.  I am glad that Christmas is right around the corner and we will be able to visit again soon!

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