Saturday, November 20, 2010

Target Ads

I love Target! My sweet friend, Amanda, and I used to spend hours in Target when we were roomies at Tech and when we both lived in Hampton Roads. This holiday season, Targets ads are seriously cracking me up. The over enthusiastic shopper in BIG pears, side ponytail and sweat suit is hilarious. I hope there are more Target shopping tips to come :)
Have a laugh:


Ashley said...

I actually had to submit my Shutterfly offer for 50 free cards twice. I hadn't heard anything the first time, so I submitted again a few days later then heard back the next day. Good luck!
Miss ya:)

Bethany Arnold said...

Mere, Thanks for sharing these hilarious ads! We don't have cable so I guess I have been missing out the fun. Hope you guys are well! Love, B

This Crazy Beautiful Life said...


I found your blog through Ashley's! I hope that you are doing well! The target ads you posted are HILARIOUS!!! Thanks for sharing the cheer! I needed a good laugh! Now I think of you whenever I see them! :o)