Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Is 6:30 too early to go to bed?

At 26 years old, I really just asked myself that question. In correlation with our previous post, our lives have been revolving around sickness recently. Just as Marty regained strength and broke his fever, I got a fever and went downhill. It started Saturday night, with uncontrollable shaking/shivering which resulted in me putting on all the clothes I could get to and piling blankets on the bed and nearly suffocating Marty. We skipped Church on Sunday, slept in and camped out on the couch all day. Sunday night I threw up multiple times and whined to Marty that I hate throwing up and I will never get pregnant b/c I hate throwing up ( I get a little dramatic while sick). Monday, our housing director had planned on having all old windows replaced, wonderful! This meant I had to put make-up on (dramatic) and that the house had to be kind of clean (again, dramatic) for the complete strangers that were going to be replacing the windows. From 12-7:30pm 5 men were in and out of my apartment cutting out the windows, leaving holes open to the elements, gluing new windows in (stinky) and banging, drilling, and making all sorts of loud noises. I tried to get up off the couch, hoping to be able to leave for a while, yet 5 minutes into standing up I felt both nauseous and headaches. I camped out on the couch, politely making small talk with the men as they walked in and out, and watched every girly movie I own. After the men left, I decided #1- I had no voice and #2- I felt bad, not just a little bad but cry out loud bad. #1 and #2 ( and Marty) helped me to call into work and tell them I wouldn't be coming in. Praise the Lord I don't have my own classroom this year and, with some guilt, I was easily able to take the day off. I am finally feeling better, not 100% better, but not-infectious better. Who knows what this bug actually was...Marty and I are very different in many ways, yet share this common fear/dislike of doctors. Not a great thing to have in common, but so far we have survived.

I just took the longest hottest shower ever and think all the phlegm is gone for now. I was contemplating going directly to bed, yet thought this weekend/week was too funny not to write down for us to smile at later. I think I will wrap up the evening with some Glee ( 7pm central time:) ) and head to bed.

* This post is so long probably because I have only spoken to Marty, the window repairmen, my Mom and the Target cashier for the past 4 days :) Thanks for listening, back to work tomorrow

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Our home has been taken over by meds, movies, sweatpants, and Clorox wipes. Marty has been sick since Thursday, and literally hasn't left the house in 3 days. Bless his heart! Thankfully, Thursday and Friday were unseasonably warm, 65-70, so we had the windows open airing out all the germs. He has been through lots of homemade chicken noodle soup, Gatorade, water, Tylenol, and cough drops. Any other advice for a fever/cough/congestion? I think I am going to strongly encourage him to visit a doctor tomorrow if his fever hasn't broken. Let hope my immune system can stand up to this one.

At least we have these beautiful tulips from V-Day to enjoy. I love the little spot of hot pink :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Literacy Conference...

I had a great time being surrounded by lots of Vera Bradley lovin' women at the conference last week. People in St. Louis do not love their Vera like they do in the south, yet I was pleasantly embraced by the love of Vera at the conference. Anyway, here are some highlights:

- 11 hour drive in the snow with 6 women in one mini-van, lots of potty breaks
- sharing a hotel room with 3 co-workers close to my age, slumber party!
- seeing Lucy Calkins and Debbie Miller in person!... these are two major big-wigs in the education world if your response was "huh?"
- learning more about Reading Recovery, and thinking it is my calling in the education world
- watching The Bachelor with my 5 co-workers in our cozy hotel room, lots of chocolate
- dreaming bigger goals and ideas for our small Christian school

Overall, this trip was such a blessing for my relationships with some of my co-workers. We learned a lot about literacy in the classroom, and about each other. I was totally ready to return home because of lack of sleep and a tiring schedule, yet loved every class, speaker and chance we got to hang out.

Friday, February 11, 2011

You Are More...

At our late start meeting this week at school we continued our study of multiple intelligences. Our gifted specialist was introducing the visual-spacial intelligence. She used this music video to introduce the idea of a visual-spacial learner; a learner that sees words and ideas in pictures. This video is so powerful, the way the director represented the words of the song in a beautiful visual of Christ's work on the cross. Usually, I am not a huge fan of Christian music, yet this was too good not to share. It would be a great addition to a young life/ youth group talk. ( click on the title to view the whole picture, I am not sure why only half of the video can fit)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Meredith's First Business Trip

So, as a teacher, travel is not really a part of the job. The past few years since college, Marty and lots of friends have traveled to cool places for work such as Las Vegas, NYC, San Fransisco, etc. Well, today I get my first taste of traveling for work...to Columbus, OH ( not so cool, I know). A team of five women and I are traveling to the National Reading Recovery Conference, which takes place Sunday through Tuesday. As of now, it is snowing pretty hard on top of all the ice we received from the "ice storm of a century" we just had last week. We are driving 7 hours today, registering for the conference and going to bed to prepare for tomorrow. Wish me luck!