Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I'm 1/2 way through enjoying Spring Break here in Missouri, and so far it has been everything I desired. The weather is gorgeous! I have had plenty of relaxing time (a.k.a sitting in the beach chair and reading magazines from the library), and plenty of social time with friends. I have rediscovered my love for the park that is across the street from the seminary. Complete with its mile long trail around a pond, this park is the perfect workout spot on a nice day. On Monday I loved it a little too much, 6 miles too much, and got two blisters on my feet. We have been able to spend time with our friends on campus and hang out with their kids, which there isn't time for when I'm working all day.

There are signs all around that Spring is finally coming to Missouri. We discovered that this huge tree right outside our windows is a beautiful Magnolia that had just started to bloom. It does not have the typical white blossom you think of as a magnolia blossom, it is pink and white like the pictures below ( from the computer, my photography skills are not that great). What a beautiful reminder of Spring right outside of our window!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Break Soon...

Next week is Spring Break! My school's calendar follows a local Christian high school's calendar, which follows Covenant Seminary's calendar; therefore, Marty and I have Spring break together! Such a blessing. Marty has to be on-call all week, so we are not able to travel anywhere. It will still be a wonderful time to slow down together. Here are some of our to do's for the week:
  • try out some new farmers markets in the area
  • install some shelves in the living room ( see inspiration picture)
  • go walking in a nearby park
  • visit with a fun friend from Norfolk
  • have some phone dates with friends back East
  • free breakfast dates with Marty at Chick-fil-a, thanks to our new neighbor who graciously shared her coupons with us :) It is nice to know people who work at Chick-fil-a
  • update my MO drivers license, since I am legally Meredith Grace Grace right now, how I missed that the first time I have no idea!
  • do a little Spring cleaning
  • relax!
One more work day until the break begins, yipee!

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Update-  After the last post, I put my brave face on, went to work, proceeded to throw-up my lunch in the shared student/teacher bathroom, cried to one of the secretaries and went home early.  I slept from 1-5, woke up ate some Cheerios then slept from 7:30pm-10:00am.  I finally think the crud has left our home for good, praise the Lord.
In other news, we sold our truck and are now a 1 car family.  The poor truck just sat and sat in the parking lot and we just paid and paid for the thing.  We were "casually" looking to sell it and a dealer offered us a good price (more than Kelly Blue Book) so we sold.  It is so nice not to have a monthly car payment, monthly insurance payment, property tax bill, and to be debt free.  I think Dave Ramsey would be proud, thanks Ashley for the introducing us to Dave :)

We have decided to stay here for the summer.  Marty was deciding between two internships, and we chose the youth internship at our church here in Missouri.  Not only does it pay, but it is an internship that will continue through the rest of our time in seminary.  We have been feeling more called to serving youth/teens since we have been out here and I think this is a great opportunity for Marty to learn the ins and outs of youth ministry.

 And in really important news- I am currently drinking my first diet coke all week.  Ever since the crud hit the house, my desire for DC has almost diminished.  We haven't purchased a pack of it for at least two weeks. Maybe something good can come from getting sick :)