Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I'm 1/2 way through enjoying Spring Break here in Missouri, and so far it has been everything I desired. The weather is gorgeous! I have had plenty of relaxing time (a.k.a sitting in the beach chair and reading magazines from the library), and plenty of social time with friends. I have rediscovered my love for the park that is across the street from the seminary. Complete with its mile long trail around a pond, this park is the perfect workout spot on a nice day. On Monday I loved it a little too much, 6 miles too much, and got two blisters on my feet. We have been able to spend time with our friends on campus and hang out with their kids, which there isn't time for when I'm working all day.

There are signs all around that Spring is finally coming to Missouri. We discovered that this huge tree right outside our windows is a beautiful Magnolia that had just started to bloom. It does not have the typical white blossom you think of as a magnolia blossom, it is pink and white like the pictures below ( from the computer, my photography skills are not that great). What a beautiful reminder of Spring right outside of our window!


Ashley said...

beautiful! glad you're enjoying your time off! :)

Allyson said...

that's a Japanese Magnolia - they're amazing - we had one in college right outside the bakery that we all hung around. love you!

Marty Cates said...

Well actually Allyson its a Saucer Magnolia, but I only know that because we saw that tree at the Botanical Garden with a name plate on it.

When you come out we will take you there. It is beautiful.