Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Break Soon...

Next week is Spring Break! My school's calendar follows a local Christian high school's calendar, which follows Covenant Seminary's calendar; therefore, Marty and I have Spring break together! Such a blessing. Marty has to be on-call all week, so we are not able to travel anywhere. It will still be a wonderful time to slow down together. Here are some of our to do's for the week:
  • try out some new farmers markets in the area
  • install some shelves in the living room ( see inspiration picture)
  • go walking in a nearby park
  • visit with a fun friend from Norfolk
  • have some phone dates with friends back East
  • free breakfast dates with Marty at Chick-fil-a, thanks to our new neighbor who graciously shared her coupons with us :) It is nice to know people who work at Chick-fil-a
  • update my MO drivers license, since I am legally Meredith Grace Grace right now, how I missed that the first time I have no idea!
  • do a little Spring cleaning
  • relax!
One more work day until the break begins, yipee!


Erin said...

Sounds like a fun break! We should phone date fo sho.

Marty Cates said...

Buy a motorcycle.

Ashley said...

Enjoy your time off! :)