Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter Happenings

Marty's parents came in town last week to celebrate Easter with us. While they were here, we were able to explore more of St. Louis with them. The Cates really wanted to go up in the famous St. Louis arch and see the city from the top. Marty and I had no desire to ride up in the arch, yet we had heard that the other attractions around the Arch were excellent. We decided to go on Good Friday morning, and as the Cates bought tickets for themselves to go up the arch they also bought us tickets to join them. Marty whined, fussed and decided he had no choice but to go. Little children were walking by us excited to ride up the Arch, so how scary could it be?

We arrived at the entrance to our pod that was going to take us more than 600 feet in the air. The door to the pod, was 4 feet tall ( the picture shows the top, yet the door did not go all the way to the floor, it was about 1 foot off the floor)

As the door opened and revealed the itty bitty teeny weeny pod we were traveling in Marty started to sweat. All 4 of us made it into the pod, and as the doors were about to close, Marty shouted...


... and bolted out of the pod, and the doors closed.

We held on tight as the pod swayed back and forth all 600 feet in the sky. Here we are inside of the pod.

Once we got to the top, we were able to see for miles through little skinny windows. The Arch swayed so dramatically at the top you could hardly stand still.

Overall, a great and hilarious trip. Although Marty was too scared to go up the Arch, he did test out the model pod that was safely secured to the ground...

Monday, April 25, 2011

We're Not In Virginia Anymore...

We are in the midst of Spring here in St Louis, which is very different from Norfolk. Spring in Norfolk is mostly Summer-light. Warmer temperatures that lead to some beach trips, all around enjoyable weather and lots of pollen. St. Louis spring includes the rainy season, lots of rain, lots of huge thunderstorms and tornado season. We are not in tornado alley, yet it feels like it so far this Spring.

I wanted to assure everyone that we were unharmed/untouched by the tornadoes that ripped through the area on Good Friday. After our Good Friday service, the sirens sounded and we camped out in the basement for a while for some neighbors. The tornadoes hit mostly to the Northwest of where we are in the County. Many lost their homes, cars and one entire terminal at the airport was damaged, yet no one lost their life. Praise God! We are getting good at quickly unplugging our electronics and heading to the basement quickly. Just one more new thing about living in the Midwest.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Our hearts are in Blacksburg today, even though we are 700 miles away.

Monday, April 11, 2011


Gone with the Wind is now available for instant streaming through Netflix on the Wii. The perfect background movie for just about any chore! Dusting, scrubbing the kitchen, and packing lunches are just more enjoyable with Scarlett and Rhett in the background :)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Currently I am loving...

  • that it is now in the sixties and the windows are wide open
  • planning for a high school gals reunion weekend with these ladies
  • going to the library on a free afternoon. The public library close to us is enormous. It is so easy to get lost in their looking at great books and my new found love, magazines. There is any magazine you want to look at, all the current issues, and you can check them out as long as your books. It is so nice to have a big pile of magazines and books to read through in the evenings or before bed.
  • Trader Joe's sweet potato chips
  • the Peter and the Starcatchers series by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson. This series is almost the prequel to Peter Pan. It gives you the history behind why Peter Pan is the way he is. Barry and Pearson did their research and even asked Barrie's, the original author of Peter Pan, family to approve the series before publishing. This is great children's literature appropriate for ages 10ish and up