Monday, April 25, 2011

We're Not In Virginia Anymore...

We are in the midst of Spring here in St Louis, which is very different from Norfolk. Spring in Norfolk is mostly Summer-light. Warmer temperatures that lead to some beach trips, all around enjoyable weather and lots of pollen. St. Louis spring includes the rainy season, lots of rain, lots of huge thunderstorms and tornado season. We are not in tornado alley, yet it feels like it so far this Spring.

I wanted to assure everyone that we were unharmed/untouched by the tornadoes that ripped through the area on Good Friday. After our Good Friday service, the sirens sounded and we camped out in the basement for a while for some neighbors. The tornadoes hit mostly to the Northwest of where we are in the County. Many lost their homes, cars and one entire terminal at the airport was damaged, yet no one lost their life. Praise God! We are getting good at quickly unplugging our electronics and heading to the basement quickly. Just one more new thing about living in the Midwest.

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Ashley said...

glad you guys are okay!