Saturday, May 14, 2011

Basic Apartment Updates-Part 2

Most of the fixtures in our home are straight from the 80s, singing Eye of the Tiger and wearing MC Hammer pants. Although, the 80s produced great rock-out in the car classics, they did not produce fixtures that are pleasing to the eye. Enter our brass and frosted glass chandelier. I just scrolled through my iPhoto and don't even have any pictures (accidental, I think not).

Anyways, Marty decided he wanted to replace it last weekend with a more current shade and assured me that this would be an easy job to accomplish. My Grandma Z gave us a Pottery Barn gift card for Christmas, and this seemed the perfect opportunity to put that to good use. We found a great shade with a blue and green floral print, a perfect match to the rest of the blue and green decor in our living space. And even better it was on sale. Yippe! So we paid nothing and got a great new look above our dining area. Thanks Grandma!

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Priscilla said...

Just showed this to Grandma Z! What a treat for her to get to see how you used her gift card! Sweet shade!

And happy almost anniversary!!!!
Aunt P.