Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Green thumb Marty

Along with being a seminary student, a youth intern, and on call maintenance man, Marty is in charge of our community garden. This year he organized our beautiful community garden and led the planting at the beginning of May. We have zucchini, squash, peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers. Here it is today...

Monday, June 6, 2011

Shabby Chic look for less

Friday night, after a nice date at Pei Wei (courtesy of the Cates), we decided to go for a drive in an older area of the city with huge beautiful mansion-like homes. After a long drive around the city, we passed an antique store I have always wanted to visit. It closed at 7 and it was currently 6:50. We have been looking for a chair to fill our corner space in our "living room" area of our apartment so we can sit more people. We decided to split up, and look for a chair to work in that area. We proceeded to speed walk through the entire store. In the second to last row of the store I heard loud whistling. Apparently that means, "Meredith, I found the chair that we have been looking for, come now!". 6:55- I run to the last row, make the fastest decision of my life, and say yes I love it. 6:59- Annoyed antique mall worker rings us up for our cute $20 chair. After lots of scrubbing with magic eraser here she is...
I love the spindle detailing

Still working on finding the right pillow that shows off the chair but gives a little cushion as well.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Big Bad Cicada

We are truly being invaded! The past few weeks, I have enjoyed the singing of the cicada...it reminded me of summers arrival and beautiful warmer weather. Yesterday, my love of the cicada quickly halted.

St. Louis is currently home to the 13 year cicada, last seen in in these parts in '98. They are no longer minding their own business and hanging out on the trees all day. They have taken flight!

This means you can no longer walk outside of our apartment without ducking for cover and running to your destination. On my walk from the car to the door yesterday I was smacked in the head multiple times by these bugs. There are currently 4 on the window screen right by me. Our steps into our building are covered with dead bug remains. ICK! All the neighborhood boys are loving catching the bugs and it is no surprise that there are only Dads and boys on the playground. I guess I will not be sitting out in the sun this week before my trip East.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Schools Out!

Cicadas are chirping loudly here in St. Louis...to me that means summer is here! The last day of school way on May 27, also my birthday, great present! We had to work all week this week, yet it still felt great with no children. It is such a change for me to be finished school before Memorial Day, yet I know August 10 will come way sooner that I am used to as well.

This summer I will be on the East coast visiting family and friends. I am excited to have the time to travel and visit with loved ones. Here is a glimpse of my summer...
I will be flying to PA to visit my family and friends outside of Philadelphia next Friday.

Two of my cousins are graduating from high school on back to back weekends in June. Congrats girls!

This is my group of high school girlfriends from 2002.  We have been meeting together annually since graduation.  We will have a girls weekend together and  I can't wait to catch up with these ladies.
My sister lives in New York City, and I hope to visit her during my stay in PA. She knows the city well and I am excited to see all the unique things the city has to offer.
My parents are putting in a pool and I am hoping its done by my visit there (not this exact pool).
We will be driving to the Outer Banks for a family vacation in Corolla. Marty will come and joins us there too. I miss the beach so badly, and I can wait to soak up the sun.
Necessary for soaking up the sun! My favorite brand that is getting harder to find out here.
Also necessary for soaking up the sun...Target has some cute polka dot options for this summer.
Marty and I will travel to Norfolk and Richmond to visit more family and friends before making the long trip back to Missouri.