Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Big Bad Cicada

We are truly being invaded! The past few weeks, I have enjoyed the singing of the reminded me of summers arrival and beautiful warmer weather. Yesterday, my love of the cicada quickly halted.

St. Louis is currently home to the 13 year cicada, last seen in in these parts in '98. They are no longer minding their own business and hanging out on the trees all day. They have taken flight!

This means you can no longer walk outside of our apartment without ducking for cover and running to your destination. On my walk from the car to the door yesterday I was smacked in the head multiple times by these bugs. There are currently 4 on the window screen right by me. Our steps into our building are covered with dead bug remains. ICK! All the neighborhood boys are loving catching the bugs and it is no surprise that there are only Dads and boys on the playground. I guess I will not be sitting out in the sun this week before my trip East.

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