Monday, June 6, 2011

Shabby Chic look for less

Friday night, after a nice date at Pei Wei (courtesy of the Cates), we decided to go for a drive in an older area of the city with huge beautiful mansion-like homes. After a long drive around the city, we passed an antique store I have always wanted to visit. It closed at 7 and it was currently 6:50. We have been looking for a chair to fill our corner space in our "living room" area of our apartment so we can sit more people. We decided to split up, and look for a chair to work in that area. We proceeded to speed walk through the entire store. In the second to last row of the store I heard loud whistling. Apparently that means, "Meredith, I found the chair that we have been looking for, come now!". 6:55- I run to the last row, make the fastest decision of my life, and say yes I love it. 6:59- Annoyed antique mall worker rings us up for our cute $20 chair. After lots of scrubbing with magic eraser here she is...
I love the spindle detailing

Still working on finding the right pillow that shows off the chair but gives a little cushion as well.

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Ashley said...

too cute! I love it! :)