Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Second Year has started

My second year of seminary has officially started.  You might be thinking right now, wow Marty is alive.  I apologize for my long absence form posting or sending a newsletter out.  This summer has been terribly busy for me with my internship and travels.

The school year has begun though and that means back to the grind of class and assignments.  This semester I am taking a full load of class, 14 hrs to be exact.  I've listed my classes below with a little one liner that gives some kind of idea about them.  I've also included a link to what I am currently listening to morning, noon and night.

Second Year Fall Semester
Hebrew-Im in beginning Hebrew meaning im learning grammar.  Im bad at English grammar, supposedly Hebrew is easier.  This is still doubtful.
Church History- I will be learning about the historical Church I think its early to medieval though Im not completely sure.  I like history and the Church so this should be good.
Christ and Salvation-This is a systematics/biblical theology class where we learn the specifics of what is taught regarding Christ's role in Salvation.
Christ Centered Preaching- This is where we practice making sure our preaching and thought process about preaching are all GRACE centered.  As we learned today all text has a redemptive context.
Educational Ministry Foundations-We learn how to teach, evaluate, and design curriculum.  I think we learn other things as well but im not totally sure.

Here is a link to what I am currently listening to. Listen to me 


Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I recently went with a friend to see The Help.  (It was a wonderful movie, it made me laugh and cry and feel every emotion in between.  It is definitely worth the 2 hours) I went to see the movie at a local movie theater that has been running for 88 years, called the Hi Pointe Theater.  It was so charming!  They have one theater, show new movies and most movies are $5.00,   Take a look...   

Cute concession stand with candy, popcorn, beer, wine and St Louis' famous Ted Drews custard.

It felt like I was traveling back in time to go to the movies.  There was even a candy bowl at the entrance with wrapped caramels and those strawberry candies (the ones with a wrapper that looks like a strawberry). Sure, the seats didn't recline or have headrests, yet it was such a fun time!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Date Night

School is back in session, and I wish I could post pictures of all the little cutie pies in kindergarten this year. These kids are just adorable- big bows, smocked dresses, happy smiles, and they are ready to learn, well as ready as five year olds can be :)

The past two weeks, Marty and I found a great new date night spot. We have never been very good at "date night" as a couple, mostly because I like to save money and, well, Marty isn't a very "scheduled" person, and time just slips away. I think we have found the perfect combination to help with both of our flaws concerning date night...


Classy, I know. Every Monday and Tuesday night, El Indio offers great $1.00 tacos. This helps el cheapo (ME) and el noscheduledano (Marty), to have a regular night out to catch up during both of our busy school years. Just another little blessing to be thankful for...Praise the Lord for good, cheap taco nights :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The little things...

Summer is my very most favorite time of the year. Last week, I went back to school for in-service training, and will welcome new students this week on Thursday. It is always sad to see the free days of summer go away. Here are some little things that I loved about this summer...

BLT with fresh tomatoes from our garden, fresh fruit and sweet tea

Time for crafts and projects, like this picture frame menu board. The dry erase marker writes well on glass and wipes off with a paper towel. I used some left over scrap book letters to put on the word "menu" and the days of the week. I am excited to use this for our meal planning this year.

Time to watch instant streaming Netflix TV shows such as Friday Night Lights and Mad Men

Time for trips to the library for new books and magazines

Time to travel and relax in the sun.