Monday, August 22, 2011

Date Night

School is back in session, and I wish I could post pictures of all the little cutie pies in kindergarten this year. These kids are just adorable- big bows, smocked dresses, happy smiles, and they are ready to learn, well as ready as five year olds can be :)

The past two weeks, Marty and I found a great new date night spot. We have never been very good at "date night" as a couple, mostly because I like to save money and, well, Marty isn't a very "scheduled" person, and time just slips away. I think we have found the perfect combination to help with both of our flaws concerning date night...


Classy, I know. Every Monday and Tuesday night, El Indio offers great $1.00 tacos. This helps el cheapo (ME) and el noscheduledano (Marty), to have a regular night out to catch up during both of our busy school years. Just another little blessing to be thankful for...Praise the Lord for good, cheap taco nights :)

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Ashley said...

yum! I wish we had a place like that for our date nights!