Saturday, October 8, 2011

Go Cards!

Marty and I went to Busch Stadium to see the Cards play the Cubs a few weeks ago because two of our good friends were given tickets and invited us. It was such a beautiful afternoon to sit at a ball game. We have our favorite food stand outside of the stadium where we grabbed hot dogs for $2.00 and packed the rest of our snacks in the cooler- all of which you can bring into the stadium. When we found our seats, we were 4 rows from the ball field next to third base- awesome seats! I felt like I was in the game the whole time! It was a close game until the 9th inning. Cards were up in the bottom of the 9th, and were down by 1. At 2 outs, a player ran home and scored a run to tie the game. Then they stole home to win the game! What a fun and exiting game :)

Our friend won the opportunity to buy tickets to a playoff game against the Phillies this past week while they were playing in St Louis. He invited Marty to go on Tuesday night, which was the night they lost to the Phillies, yet Marty had a great time and even brought home a rally towel :). Last night we went to a local pizza place to watch the Phillies-Cards face-off and cheered with the rest of St Louis to the Cardinals victory.

To say the least, we have jumped on the Cardinals bandwagon and are excited to cheer them on however far they make it :) The past two Fridays, we have had Cardinals days- which means teachers and students can wear jeans and Cardinals attire. This alone makes me a Cardinals fan as we never ever have jean Fridays :) This whole city is so excited, and it has been so fun to be a part of it here with them!

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