Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

The past few weeks, most of our evenings have been spent cheering on these guys...
It has been so fun to live in St. Louis during this exciting time. Missouri does not feel like the South, yet the past few weeks people stop and talk about the Cards at the grocery store, library, mall, etc. It is neat when a city comes together for a common cause, even one as trivial as a baseball team. We are super proud of our underdogs and may have been transformed into life long Cardinals fans :)

Anyway, today is Halloween. I hope you are enjoying some good ole Charlie Brown and his great pumpkin.
Marty found this article about Halloween that has made us think about how we view this day.
Through this article, the author is encouraging Christians to be a part of their community and to embrace this holiday as a way of loving their neighbor, instead of having an event at Church. By dressing up and opening our homes to children excited about filling their candy buckets, we are getting to know those around us. At what other time of the year can you see every one of your neighbors? Here is a paragraph of the authors thoughts:

"Jesus said there are two commands that matter: love God and love your neighbour. The Easter holiday is all about the first command. Halloween is all about the second.

What other day of the year can you put on funny clothes and be welcomed at your neighbour’s house? In my neighbourhood Halloween is the only day of the year that that people actually get out of their houses and chat with the neighbours that they don’t know. It is a night of celebrating community."

Click Here to read the whole article- Just some thoughts to mull over while you are enjoying yummy chocolates tonight.

Tonight, we enjoyed the costume parade on campus and got to know some of our new first year neighbors. The best costumes I saw were: Pebbles and BamBam ( 3 year old twins), and a newborn baby dressed as a puffy St Louis Cardinals baseball. After the parade, the kids ran around the 6 apartment buildings and collected as much candy as possible :)

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