Thursday, November 17, 2011

Christmas wish list

This year more than ever, I had felt strange about making a Christmas with list. I know it is very helpful to people who want to know things that we want to receive. I understand all the logistics behind the with list, yet this year it seems harder than most years to find anything to put on the list. I find myself wishing for things that cannot be put on a wish list. They are things that cannot be bought at a store. So here is my wish list, until I can think of a real one... 
  •  a sleepover with my college roomies filled with late night chats, freshly baked cookies, arrested development episodes and a Starbucks run in the morning
  •  a family game night with my family which includes the game Clue and refried beans and lime chips
  • snuggling with my dear friends new little ones LK, Caleb, Luke, and little Baby Hill ( when she arrives) 
  • an outdoor shopping trip in Richmond with the Cates and an Olive Garden lunch 
  • a crazy Christmas dinner with my HHS girls filled with life updates and the Greed game 
 That is my 27 year old wish list until I can come up with some real "things" to ask for :)


Marty Cates said...

If by outdoor shopping with the Cates, you mean shopping with my mom thats cool. I won't be going to olive garden, there are too many good restaurants in richmond to settle for olive garden.

Ashley said...

this is the *best* list! I hope it all comes to you! :)

Sara said...

your list made my eyes well up with tears! (probably because I'm 39 weeks pregnant!!) Come and visit Iowa to snuggle baby girl ANY TIME!! Love you!!