Saturday, February 18, 2012

V-Day fun

Last week, we were generously given some money to go out for Valentines Day by one of our youth families.  Just one of the many blessings the Lord has given us recently.  We decided to go out on a double date last weekend with some of our good friends from Seminary.  We tried a fun new restaurant downtown called Range.  It is a burger and milkshake joint, yet anything but ordinary.  All the beef used for the burgers comes from local Missouri, grass-fed cattle.  All the bread and condiments are made on site as well.  The restaurant was full of character, as it is housed in an old building downtown.  We all enjoyed our burgers and fries with choice of dipping sauce very much.  Brittany and I got normal milkshakes to finish off the meal, yet the boys got a milkshake called Sweet Sweet Bacon.  This milkshake is made with bourbon, candied bacon and salted carmel ice-cream.  It sounded great, yet the mixture of bourbon and ice-cream did not satisfy.  Oh well, other than that it was a fun night out on the town, with great fresh tasting food and good company.  Check out some pictures of this new hot spot.

Menus, the drink menu was pretty incredible and I think we may go back just for milkshakes soon

Fun long dinning area, and expansive bar.  There is seating lining the exterior walls all around the top.  We sat upstairs and were able to look down on this area and the kitchen.

Basic burger and homemade catsup 

Sweet Sweet Bacon Milkshake 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Cute Valentines

Thanks to Pinterest, I have made some cute valentines for the kindergarteners.  I can't wait to see them with big red lips or a mustache tomorrow :)

Click here to head over to Blond Designs Blog to make your own.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Ka Ka o

Last Monday night, I went out with all the girls in my small group to celebrate our friend Dara who will be welcoming her daughter into the world any day now.  Instead of doing a typical shower, we decided to take her to a local chocolate shop, called Ka ka o, which does tasting parties after hours.  It was awesome!  The owner taught us all about how chocolate is made.

Here is a quick tutorial:
 A Theobroma cacao/cacao tree grows fruits called cacaos.

Inside the cacao are pods, and inside these pods are cocoa beans.

This is what the cocoa bean looks like before it is roasted.  (We were able to see these at the store)

After the bean is roasted it looks like this: 
(We were able to try the cocoa bean at this stage and it was very bitter!)

After a quick lesson, we started tasting!  We tried all sorts delicious treats.  First we sampled a lavender truffle, which tasted just like lavender smelled.  Then a chai tea truffle that was full of rich flavors.  We also tried a truffle that was made with fig, bacon, thyme and balsamic vinegar called Pig Vs. Fig.  Next, we sampled was a vegan cherry truffle which tasted like an awesome chocolate covered cherry.  Lastly, we sampled a truffle(mushroom kind) truffle, which was very earthy tasting. 

We also tasted a marshmallow pie that reminded us all of a smore :)

They make their own marshmallows and flavor them with all natural ingredients.  We tested a vanilla marshmallow, yum!

Lastly, we had some sea salt caramels.  The caramels were freshly made and the sea salt made the flavors pop beautifully.

I came home with a tummy ache, yet it was worth every bite.  I have never realized the vast difference between mass-produced chocolates and locally made chocolates.  This store uses all natural ingredients and local ingredients when it is possible.  It was such a fun way to celebrate a friend, and I would definitely return again for any kind of party! 

Demolition Ball!

Marty and I have had a busy few weeks.  This past Saturday we hung out with the other youth leaders from our church.  Our youth director planned a fun evening of demolition ball and Qdoba.  What is demolition ball you ask?

Well, I experienced it for the first time too, and was not very good but had a ton of fun.  Think bumper car meets lacrosse.  We divided the group into two teams of 5 and each got our our car to drive around.  There was no brake pedal, just gas, so imagine lots of bumping and crashing.  Each person also had a curved throwing device to catch and throw a whiffle ball.  Below are some pictures I found on the good 'ole world wide web and NOT of our group.

Overall, a fun game and may be in the running for Marty's 30th birthday celebration next year :)