Friday, February 10, 2012

Demolition Ball!

Marty and I have had a busy few weeks.  This past Saturday we hung out with the other youth leaders from our church.  Our youth director planned a fun evening of demolition ball and Qdoba.  What is demolition ball you ask?

Well, I experienced it for the first time too, and was not very good but had a ton of fun.  Think bumper car meets lacrosse.  We divided the group into two teams of 5 and each got our our car to drive around.  There was no brake pedal, just gas, so imagine lots of bumping and crashing.  Each person also had a curved throwing device to catch and throw a whiffle ball.  Below are some pictures I found on the good 'ole world wide web and NOT of our group.

Overall, a fun game and may be in the running for Marty's 30th birthday celebration next year :)

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