Saturday, August 25, 2012

House Hunting

How do you find a home from 955 miles away?

Today we are attempting to begin answering that question.

Marty is in Citrus County this weekend officially beginning his new job.  He is busy casting vision, meeting with staff and members of the church, and meeting students.  During his visit today, he is going to look at a few houses that have been on our "watch list".  Houses are starting to fly off the market.  For instances, at the beginning of this week we gave our realtor 4 houses that Marty wanted to see and by Friday one was sold and one has a contract on it.

Marty is going to take video with his i-pad for me to view the houses with him.  I am anticipating funny footage from lots of various homes.  I feel like I am on Property Virgins or House Hunters and all I have to do is choose the best home :)  Ahh, if only it were that easy.

Maybe we need Sandra's help...
Marty flies back into STL on Monday morning.  Pray that Hurricane Issac does not change his travel plans!  Happy Saturday!