Monday, February 25, 2013

22 weeks

Size of the baby? 11 inches, weighs 1 pound, the size of a spaghetti squash
Maternity clothes? 1/2 and 1/2.  Can't fit into my pants any more, and I'm wearing lots of skirts and dresses since it is warm.
Gender? little girl :)
Sleep? I am starting to toss and turn a little.  I am trying to sleep mostly on my left side, yet I want to sleep on my back most of the time.
Food cravings? peanut butter, ice-cream, fruit, nuts, meat
What I am missing? diet coke, my pre-pregnancy wardrobe 
Symptoms? lower back pain
Best moment of the week? I think we have narrowed Junebug's name down to two names.  We are still a long way from making a decision, yet the list is getting shorter :)  She is moving so much these days, it has been so fun to have little reminders throughout the day that she is in there and healthy.  

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice...

We are having a little girl!

Marty and I found out this fun news on the 11th and have been adjusting to adding a little girl into our lives in June ever since.  We were both pretty convinced that the baby was a boy, mostly because of all the normal "old wives tales".  I was not sick in the first trimester, I was carrying the baby all in the front, the heartbeat was under 150, I did not want sweets.  We are so excited to parent a little girl and help her develop into a strong woman who loves and serves the Lord.

We shared this news with the staff at Seven Rivers through cute, pink cake pops.  Our friend, Emily, who in an amazing party planner, gave me some great tips to make these cake pops!  Check out her business at A Silver Nutmeg Occasions .  I made a strawberry cake pop, with white chocolate shell and pink sugar crystals.  Although it was an 80 degree day they set pretty well, and held up throughout our deliveries.

  We enjoyed celebrating with the staff at church!  There also was a Mops garage sale event that I took advantage of and found a couple cute pieces for our little Junebug.  This is just the beginning of smocked clothing and big hair bows that we see in our future :)
A sweet Janie and Jack bubble, one of my favorite baby stores 
Also, when I was in college, I started a crib quilt.  I had planned on finishing it a long time ago yet time flies.  I am trying to decide what to do with it.  I don't think we are going to plan our nursery around it, since we are trying to keep things gender neutral in our nursery, yet I want to use it in some way since I made it and I am almost finished with it. Any ideas?

21 weeks (a little late)

Size of the baby? 10 1/2 in. And the length of a carrot.
Maternity clothes? I got some new shirts, and pants and am embracing all things stretchy. I still have some of my normal pieces that will last, yet am still on the look out for good dresses.
Gender? We found out last Monday we are having a girl!!! So excited, more on that to follow.
Sleep? Still going well.
Food cravings? Nothing specific this week.
What I am missing? The ability to lift and move big things on my own.
Symptoms? Nothing really, this is a great point in the pregnancy! I feel like I could have ten babies at this stage :)
Best moment of the week? Junebug has been moving a lot. It is great to feel her and makes her seems more like a baby and less like an alien growing in me. Also, continuing to share our news about our little girl!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

New home

I'll take a break from baby posting, and give you an update on our housing situation.  When we moved down here, we lived with a family for about a month while looking to purchase our first home.  (We had a great set up, right on the water with a pool, and lovely weather!)

We found a great house, and put an offer on it.  We heard back from our realtor that the renters of the home decided to purchase it, and the owner decided to take it off the market and sell it to the renters as a FSBO.  This put us back a square one.  No other houses were appealing to us or in our price range, so we decided we would have to rent.  

A couple from church was looking to break their lease, to move and was looking for someone to take over their lease.  They asked us about it, and we decided it was a great way to continue to look to purchase a home in our own space since Junebug will be here before we know it.  This lease goes until September, so Junebug will be about 3 months when the lease is up.  We just moved into the townhouse two weekends ago, and are slowly settling in.  It is much harder moving at 20 weeks when you can't pick up any furniture or boxes.  I got the kitchen and master bedroom organized right away, yet the living room and guest bedroom/nursery are taking longer.  Here are some pictures from before we moved our stuff in:

eating area

living area

Walk in closet :)
Master bath

Guest room/ nursery 

nursery nook in the guest room
Guest Bath
Back porch 

 It is a great blank slate for us to grow into.  Another great perk is the social membership that comes with our rental price.  We have a lovely gym, various pools and golf courses that we can use.
Gym and Spa 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

20 weeks

20 weeks

Size of the baby? Size of a banana, about 13 oz.
Maternity clothes? Some skirts, still shopping for tops
Gender? We found out Monday, but are still making calls to tell folks :)
Sleep? Starting to wake up once or twice in the middle of the night.
Food cravings? Ice cream, cereal, fruits
What I'm missing? Diet coke! La Croix water has been my saving grace with giving up diet coke for this baby. It is already in the 80s some days here in Florida, and hot weather is when I want my diet coke fix the most. If your are trying to give up soda, this works! You still get the carbonantion, yet there are no sweeteners, perservatives, or anything unnatural in this drink. Only water and lime, or berry, or whatever flavor you choose. I'm hoping to be able to stick with this after the baby arrives too, but we will see :)

Symptoms? Stretching tummy, some back pain, some emotional outbursts began this week :)
Best moment of the week? Seeing our baby for the first time since the 8 week heartbeat blob. Baby is measuring perfectly, and has a heartbeat of 150.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

19 weeks

Week 19

Size of the baby? 8 1/2 oz. about 6 inches, a large tomato
Maternity clothes?not quite, but I found a great local consignment shop that sells childrens clothing and maternity clothes and got a jean skirt, and two dressy tops for $12
Gender? One more week to wait :)
Sleep? Not intrupted yet
Food cravings? I have wanted a lot of icecream this week, Breyers vanilla bean has been a favorite. Lots of the normal, fruit and peanut butter cravings.
What I'm missing? Diet coke, some of my tighter clothes
Symptoms? Stretching tummy
Best moment of the week? We moved into our own place. Let the nesting begin! We are renting a townhome until September from a family from church, so we can continue to look to purchase a home in our own space. More details to come on that soon.