Wednesday, February 20, 2013

21 weeks (a little late)

Size of the baby? 10 1/2 in. And the length of a carrot.
Maternity clothes? I got some new shirts, and pants and am embracing all things stretchy. I still have some of my normal pieces that will last, yet am still on the look out for good dresses.
Gender? We found out last Monday we are having a girl!!! So excited, more on that to follow.
Sleep? Still going well.
Food cravings? Nothing specific this week.
What I am missing? The ability to lift and move big things on my own.
Symptoms? Nothing really, this is a great point in the pregnancy! I feel like I could have ten babies at this stage :)
Best moment of the week? Junebug has been moving a lot. It is great to feel her and makes her seems more like a baby and less like an alien growing in me. Also, continuing to share our news about our little girl!

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