Thursday, February 14, 2013

New home

I'll take a break from baby posting, and give you an update on our housing situation.  When we moved down here, we lived with a family for about a month while looking to purchase our first home.  (We had a great set up, right on the water with a pool, and lovely weather!)

We found a great house, and put an offer on it.  We heard back from our realtor that the renters of the home decided to purchase it, and the owner decided to take it off the market and sell it to the renters as a FSBO.  This put us back a square one.  No other houses were appealing to us or in our price range, so we decided we would have to rent.  

A couple from church was looking to break their lease, to move and was looking for someone to take over their lease.  They asked us about it, and we decided it was a great way to continue to look to purchase a home in our own space since Junebug will be here before we know it.  This lease goes until September, so Junebug will be about 3 months when the lease is up.  We just moved into the townhouse two weekends ago, and are slowly settling in.  It is much harder moving at 20 weeks when you can't pick up any furniture or boxes.  I got the kitchen and master bedroom organized right away, yet the living room and guest bedroom/nursery are taking longer.  Here are some pictures from before we moved our stuff in:

eating area

living area

Walk in closet :)
Master bath

Guest room/ nursery 

nursery nook in the guest room
Guest Bath
Back porch 

 It is a great blank slate for us to grow into.  Another great perk is the social membership that comes with our rental price.  We have a lovely gym, various pools and golf courses that we can use.
Gym and Spa 

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