Monday, March 18, 2013

25 weeks

How far along? 25 weeks
Size of the baby? 13 1/2 inches, she weighs about a pound and a half, the size of a rutabaga
Maternity clothes? Still some pre- pregnancy clothes (pictured here: as you can tell I am busting out ) but mostly maternity clothing now
Sleep? Starting to toss and turn, I may give in a purchase a body pillow soon. She is the most active at night, kicking and punching.
Cravings? Still vanilla all natural ice-cream, peanut butter, fruit
What do I miss? Fitting into all the clothes in my closet
Symptoms? Lower back pain, I have found myself standing with an arched back
Best moments of the week? My mom ordered a crib and mattress for Junebug, and it arrived this week. We also found a great dresser at an antique store that Marty is going to clean up and paint for her room. It has been so fun to begin to get some things for her nursery. Only a few more months and she will be here with us! The preperation has been so fun!

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Ashley said...

you look great! :)