Tuesday, March 26, 2013

26 weeks

How far along? 26 weeks (as of last Thursday)
Size of the baby? 1 2/3 lbs. and 14 inches long. She is the size of a cucumber.
Materity clothes? Mostly, but I am trying to be creative and make some of my normal waredrobe last throughout the pregnancy.
Sleep? Transitioning to the left side most of the time
Cravings? Maybe it is because Easter is right around the corner, but I have started to want sweets other than ice-cream this week. Still loving all fruits, veggies, and peanutbutter.
What do I miss? Not too much
Symptoms? Feeling very very tight
Best moments of the week? We have started the ball rolling on the nursery and registries. Marty put together the crib in the garage because we had visitors in town staying in the guest room/nursery. Then we moved it upstairs to the nursery only to find out it didn't fit through the door. So, Marty took it apart and put it back together in the nursery...major husband points:)

I found a cute dresser that we are going to use as a changing table/dresser combo. It was only $25 at an antique store in the county and I love all the charm. Marty is planning on sanding it down and putting a fresh coat of white paint on it.

I also found some embroidery hoops at an estate sale to decorate the walls of the nursery. I'm thinking a plain fabric with a large monogram in the biggest hoop, and then some soft, girly print fabrics in the others.

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