Tuesday, April 30, 2013

31 weeks

How far along? 31 weeks (and 5 days)
Size of the baby? About 3.3 lbs. and 16 inches long
Sleep? She is moving like crazy at night, yet once I fall asleep I can rest through the night.
Belly button? Still in
Cravings? Peanut butter, water, water and lots of water!
Symptoms? Tightness, nesting
What I miss? Diet coke, now that is has been in the 80s consistently I want the refreshing bubbles of diet coke more often. Also, I miss being able to do home projects by myself. Can't rearrange too much by myself.
Best moment of the week? I had an appointment today, and I got to hear another healthy heartbeat. I also enjoyed helping with a shower for a sweet friend who is due 3 weeks after me over the weekend. It was a great time to celebrate Junebug's BFF :)

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