Friday, May 10, 2013

32 weeks (a week late)

Size of the baby? 3.75 lbs. about 16.7 inches long

Belly button? Still in

Sleep? I am having a harder time falling asleep at night, yet am sleeping well throughout the night. I am feeling the urge to get stuff done, and want to stay up later or get up earlier than nessesary.

Cravings? Starting to want sweets, lots of peanut butter these days, lots of water

Symptoms? Braxton hicks have begun, it is crazy to see your stomach tighten so much! They are not painful, yet strange to watch

What do I miss? Diet coke, it is hot here and I would love a good ole fountain soda :).

Best moments of the week? A woman from church did a maternity shoot for me on Saturday morning. I am excited to see how she captured this special time in our lives. Also, we are recieving so many sweet gifts in the mail, and it is just overwhelming to me to see how friends and family are providing for our little one right now. I think we have decided on a name, which is also fun for us to talk about her together.

* She is now 33 weeks, which I will post about soon :)

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