Wednesday, May 29, 2013

35 weeks

Tomorrow will be 36 weeks :)

How far along? 35.5 weeks

Size of the baby? 18 inches long, 5 1/4 lbs. the weight of a honeydew melon

Belly button? Still in

Sleep? I'm getting up 2-4 times to go to the bathroom, and am starting to get tired of sleeping on my side. I usually find my back to be the most comfortable position, eventhough I know it isn't the best postition to sleep.

Cravings? watermelon this week, yum! They are in season in Florida and we are enjoying them a lot!

What do I miss? My summer clothes, sleeping continuously through the night

Symptoms? Braxton hicks, nesting, same old stuff. I also think she is much lower than she has been...maybe she has dropped.

Best moments of the week? My Aunt Sandi, her husband Brian and their children came to visit this weekend. It was great to see family that lives so far away! Also, we have had lots of graduation parties and picnics to attend which has been a fun start to the summer months! June is right around the corner!

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