Monday, June 10, 2013

37 weeks...full term!

Size of the baby? About 6 1/3 lbs. and 19 inches long

Belly button? Getting flatter, I'm not sure it has the ability to be out, we'll see

Sleep? My nights are interupted frequently by bathroom trips. I'm getting uncomfortable with sleeping on my side, and often find myself on my back in the morning.

Cravings? Lots of peanut butter, veggies, sweet potatoes, ice-cream, greek yogurt. I'm wanting to snack a lot and not have a lot of full meals.

Symptoms? Afternoon tiredness and braxton hicks more often

What do I miss? My summer clothes, diet coke/diet dr pepper

Best moments of the week? Making it to the 37 week milestone. Junebug is a fully developed, healthy little girl as far as we know right now. We are so blessed and very excited to meet her soon!

Marty is still working on the dresser, so I can't finish her room yet, but the details are coming together slowly but surely. All the newborn clothes are washed and in a drawer organizer. Her name is picked out and we are excited to share that with family and friends when she arrives. All her swaddle blankets and sheets are washed. Cloth diapers have arrived, I have made some cute burp cloths, bags are packed (as well as they can be), some meals have been frozen. I still feel like there is a long "to do" list left, but we are excitedly awaiting her arrival soon! We have another appointment tomorrow :)

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