Friday, June 28, 2013

Hattie-Grace's birth story, Part 3

We had to stay in the hospital for 48 hours after HG's birth to see results of her blood work, which meant more nights in the hospital.  Marty and I were able to stay in the labor and delivery room until late afternoon with HG.  We enjoyed getting to know her, learning how to nurse, snuggling and recovering from the evening.  Then we moved upstairs to a recovery room.  This room was not as spacious as the L&D room, but Marty was excited to have a bed to sleep in :)  Wednesday evening we had some visitors from church, and some of our girlfriends brought us Panera salads for dinner and Rita's water ice :)   

 Wednesday night we learned what our life was going to look like with Hattie-Grace at home.  They did not have a nursery at this hospital, so HG roomed in with us.  A sweet nurse came in to wake me every 2 1/2 hours to feed HG, to check vitals and give me medicine, etc.  We didn't get much rest, yet we learned better how to care for HG once we got home.  Thursday, we adjusted more to caring for HG, Marty ran some errands that I had planned on doing after my appointment on Tuesday.  We made lots of calls, wrote e-mails, and relaxed.

Marty's first diaper change

Lots of snuggle time

First hair bow shot (parents are getting bored in the hospital)

Friday morning we were discharged to go home.  Hattie-Grace tested high for jaundice, so we had to return to the hospital on Saturday and Sunday to have her levels checked again.  On Friday she tested 10.5, Saturday was 14 and Sunday was 14.  At our doctors appointment on Monday, the doctor was not worried about her levels.  Also, she had started to gain back the weight she lost in the hospital.  She was born at 8 lbs. 9.7 oz., dropped to 8lbs. 6oz in the hospital and by Monday was albs. 8 oz.
About to leave the hospital 
Heading home 
 We love having her at home with us.  We are continuing to learn how to care for her best, and how to survive on little sleep.  She is so content, and doesn't cry unless she is hungry or has a dirty diaper.  We have been super busy preparing her nursery and enjoying visitors.  Thank you for sharing in this life changing experience with us, and I know we will only continue to fall in love with our little girl more and more.

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