Wednesday, July 17, 2013

5 weeks old

HG is five weeks old today.  She has been spoiled all week by her BB and Paw Paw.
Today we went to the pool and stuck our toes in.  I can't wait until I can take her in all the way in the pool in a week! 
 This is what typically happens in the sun.  She loves it, yet gets very,very sleepy.
Then, within minutes, is out.
 HG has started to smile more this week, although there is still no rhyme or reason to it.  She is also getting better at lifting her head during tummy time and stays awake a little longer.  This girl loves being on her tummy and kicking her legs.
 We tried the cloth diapers for two days, and Mama learned how to wash them.  I think they are still a little too big to start wearing full time.
 We also gave HG her first real bath, submerged all in water.  She loved being in the warm water.
Daddy has been gone all week, and we have all missed him.  He comes back on Saturday and we can't wait to see him!  We are thankful to have BB and Paw Paw here while Daddy is gone, it is so nice to have the extra hands!  

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Ashley said...

what did your pediatrician recommend as far as sunscreen? I know with Luke being a summer baby our ped. told us we shouldn't use sunscreen until he was over 6 months so (sadly) our pool & beach days were over. I'd love to know any recommendations that they gave you to use on HG!