Wednesday, July 24, 2013

6 weeks old

Here is what Hattie-Grace is up to as a 6 week old:

-  She is smiling a lot more, which is just precious.  Sometimes when I go in and get her up after a nap, she flashes this huge grin at me.  I need to take a picture of that sweet face.

-  We have started reading more books this week.  She focuses on the pictures, and just stares and listens to me read.  Her favorite book is called Baby Love by Sandra Magsamen, and was given to her by her Aunt Pricilla.  She loves to stare at a red page with a black and white dog.  I have ordered 3 other cloth books by Sandra Magsamen, and would recommend her books to any new Mama.  They are wonderful quality and the high contrast in colors catches baby's attention.  HG has spent many hours fascinated with this one book.

-  She went to Rita's for the first time with her BB and Paw Paw, when we traveled to a suburb of Tampa for dinner with friends.

-  She is enjoying tummy time more, and getting more control over her head.

-  When swaddled, she busts her arms out and sleeps with them stretched out above her head.
Sweet outfit for church from Aunt B

-  She loves kicking her legs.

-  Just last night she skipped one of the middle of the night feedings, so I only got up once with her around 3:30.  I am hoping this will continue :)

-  She coos and and makes noises all the time, whether she is alone in the crib or around people.

Daddy was gone most of the week, but we are so happy he is home!
 I had my 6 week postpartum appointment today, and all is looking great.  I am cleared to exercise, I have been walking and on the elliptical, but it is good to know there is no harm in it.  I am most excited that I am able to get in the pool :)  The number on the scale at my appointment was not surprising, and I have about 5-6 more lbs. to go to get back to "normal", if "normal" is the same after you have a baby :) After the appointment we had our first family lunch date at Chick-fil-a.  I wish we lived closer to one, because it was the perfect family lunch out :)
 Yes, Marty did put a waffle fry on my sweet little girl.  Come on Daddy!


Ashley said...

she is such a sweet little peanut! (and I'm loving all the matching bows!)

Marty Cates said...

She was hungry. And the waffle fry was there. She wanted it and would have eaten it if she could use her hands properly.