Friday, July 12, 2013

Hatley-Grace is one month!

The past month has flown by!  My 5 lb., itty bitty newborn has grown into a chubby cheeked little baby.
Hatley-Grace has been busy learning how to eat, sleep and poop the past month and has become fairly proficient in all three areas.  She is eating every 2 1/2-3 hours, more like 3-4 at night.  She is still doing a lot of sleeping during the day and night in between feedings.  She is able to fall asleep quickly after a middle of the night feeding, which is great for this new Mama.  I love her little coos in the middle of her sleep.
She is starting to lift her head during tummy time and flops it from one side to the other.  She is a mover and a shaker!  While on her tummy, she rocks her body by pushing her legs. The past two nights, I have not swaddled her to put her to bed.  She will flop her body around, kick her legs and move her arms contently for long stretches of time.  I will wake up and find her at the other end of the crib.  This is totally her Daddy, who can't ever be still :)
She smiles every once and a while and it melts my heart.  I can't wait until she is able to giggle and smile as a response to us.  Her big blue eyes can focus on us now, and she knows and is comforted by our voices.  She makes so many different facial expressions, I love her big yawns the most.
I think we are adjusting well to having a newborn in our hearts and home.  Lack of sleep and exhaustion are starting to kick in, as the first two weeks I felt more like the energizer bunny than a new Mama.  We start the day with a 6:30am feeding, and follow a 3 hour eat, play, sleep pattern.  Between the 6:30pm and 9:30pm feeding, we eat dinner, play together, have a bath and get ready for bed.  After the 9:30pm I call it a night once she is in her crib.  That has been very helpful to my energy level, even if it is a little old lay-ish to go to bed that early :)  We have settled into more of a "routine", and I feel more comfortable anticipating her needs.  Of course there are good and hard days, but praise the Lord that most are good right now.
Dear Hatley-Grace,

Your Mama and Daddy love you so very much!  You have been with us for one month now, and we have learned so much together.

When you arrived on June 12, I had no idea how to be a Mama.  I had no idea how to feed, burp, sooth or swaddle you.  Your nursery was not ready, and we had no newborn diapers or premie clothes.  Meals were not made ahead of time and frozen, bathrooms were not cleaned and floors were not swept.  My hospital bag was not packed according to the detailed list, and errands were not run.

BUT, you know what?  None of that mattered.  You arrived exactly how and when God planned for you.  We have learned all those things together.  Errands have been run, and meals have been prepared, and the house has been cleaned, all with you here.

You have made me a Mama, and for that I am so very blessed.  When your big blue eyes look up at me it is pure joy.  I pray that you live constantly under the Lord's beautiful grace, and that your Daddy and I are able to show you God's love and grace daily.  You are such a beautiful blessing to me!


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Ashley said...

She is a mini-Meredith- even teeny just like you!