Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hattie-Grace at 7 weeks old

-  Hattie-Grace started wearing her cloth diapers this week.  This has made her newborn onesies no longer fit, and she is able to wear more of her newborn and 0-3 month clothing because of the extra padding :)

-  Sleeping:  She is only getting up one time to nurse in the middle of the night, and I feel like a new Mama.  Her typical night is a 7pm feeding, a bath and changing into her jammies, reading the Jesus Storybook Bible, then bedtime.  I usually have to get her up at 10/10:30 to nurse again.  She will then sleep until 3:30/4am, then again until 7am when we start our day.

HG is loving her bath time :)

- Eating: Every 3 hours

-  We are so blessed to have friends close by that had a baby girl 4 weeks after Hattie-Grace.  The girls have started to have playdates :)

-  One day this week was an unusually fussy day for Hattie-Grace.  She did not want to nap in her crib like usual, and was gassy and in pain.  The only place she would nap was outside, so I got to tan while she rested.

-  Hattie-Grace is smiling more and more these days.  Every time just melts our hearts.  She is gaining more control over her head and still kicking and moving lots during tummy time.

Pray for us as we go see a house tomorrow for the second viewing.  Pray for wisdom as we make a decision on whether this home will suit our needs for youth ministry and for our family.  Very exciting, yet a scary commitment all at the same time :)

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