Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I originally wanted a very gender neutral nursery, because I am practical and want to be able to reuse everything for all our children.  Yet, after finding out we were having a girl I just could not stay away from pink.  This room is anything but gender neutral, yet all the big ticket items are.  The things that I made specifically for Hattie-Grace will travel with her into her big girl bedroom when that time comes.

I knew for a while that I loved the look of the Jenny Lind crib.  My Mom and Dad blessed us with giving us the crib and mattress.  I love the look of the crib, it looks a little vintage/shabby chic.  Hattie-Grace has enjoyed snoozing in the crib the past 2 weeks :)

The crib was the only thing completely done when HG came early.  I had lots of projects on the "To Do" list, and they had to get done while HG was at home with us.  I had an intense nesting bug for the first two weeks HG was home with us.  Nesting to the point that I didn't ever nap, I just worked on her room/nagged Marty to work on his projects until they were done.  Back in March, I found a dresser for $25 at an antique shop.  Marty and my Dad sanded it, and Marty painted it.  I love how it turned out!

The room was very white, white furniture, white linens, white walls.  I would normally think to paint the walls, yet since we are renting that was not practical.  I stumbled upon a bunch of embroidery hoops at an estate sale a few months ago, and I decided to decorate the nursery with them.   On Pinterest, I had seen people putting fun fabric in the hoops and hanging them as wall art.  A day before HG was born, the fabric for the hoops arrived.  The fabric is a quilt bundle that I purchased from Etsy.  The hardest part of this project was deciding about how to hang them.

 I found this old ladder at an antique store, and thought it was perfect for hanging all the blankets I had received for HG. 

We live in a 2 bedroom townhouse, so the nursery has to double as a guest room.  We have a full sized bed in the room, and I think all the furniture fits nicely.
 Next to the bed was a big empty wall.  I decided to make a flag banner with the left over fabric from the embroidery hoop project.  I just cut triangles and sewed them on white ribbon.

When my parents came to see Hatley-Grace, they brought the rocking chair that I had in my nursery growing up.  The chair goes back 3 generations in my family, and I am excited to have it in my nursery. We recovered it in a moss green and cream chevron duct cloth.  I have spent many hours in the middle of the night feeding HG in this chair and it is special to think of all the women in my family that have done the very same thing.

I still have one more project I would like to do.  Hatley-Grace was named after my maternal Grandmother, her Great Grandmother (another post to come about her name).  After we announced her name, my Mom and Grandmother dug up some old family photographs of all the Hatley family members back 3-4 generations.  I would like to put these photos in frames and display them on shelves above the bed and/or rocker.

Thanks for taking a peak into our lives here in Florida.  Hatley-Grace is 4 weeks old today, and will be a month on Friday.  The time is flying by!  


Bethany said...

Meredith- Its great to see your life with Hatley-Grace on the blog! I love your creativity in her room. It's beautiful!

Love ya, Betahny

Bethany said...

Meredith- Its great to see your life with Hatley-Grace on the blog! I love your creativity in her room. It's beautiful!

Love ya, Betahny

Anonymous said...

I'm a little behind with my Hatley-Grace updates, but I love them. All of them. Good work on your projects, too. Everything is beautiful, and I love seeing how your family is doing!