Wednesday, August 28, 2013

11 weeks

During this week, HG has been smiling up a storm!

She has discovered her tongue and sticks it out lots.  Bubbles have also appeared with her smiles.  I guess she is so happy she is foaming at the mouth :)

 She has also been spotted sucking on her hands a ton.

 She is becoming much more alert, and loves to look at books.  As a former kindergarten teacher, I am loving reading to her and watching her look at the pictures.

 Since HG has been putting her hands in her mouth, I have given her a piggy lovey she was gifted to try to give her hands something else to do.  She has started to cuddle piggy, grab the piggy and chew on the piggy.  One nap time she even fell asleep with piggy on the way to her crib.

On another note, we are almost done all the paperwork to purchase our first home.  I don't like to count my chickens before they hatch, so more details will come after closing at the end of September.  We are very excited about this home, and are certain it will meet our needs for our family to continue growing and ministry.  Now for packing the house up yet again!  This time will be much different with a newborn in tow.  

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