Monday, August 19, 2013

Hatley-Grace is 2 months

Hatley-Grace was 2 months old last Monday.  The newborn stage seems to fly by and move slowly all at the same time.  I feel as though she has been a part of our family forever, yet each day goes by so quickly.  She has grown so much this past month.  Here is what we are noticing about HG at this age:

-  She is 10 lbs. 9oz. and 20.5 inches long...20th percentile.

-  HG is smiling lots at Marty and me, friends and family.

-  She loves when people talk to her, and she stares at them and coos back socially.

-  In the Flip cloth diapers, she is on the smallest setting, 4 snaps in.

-  She went "swimming" in the pool, and lounged on the beach for the first time.

-  She is on a 3 hour schedule: nursing, playing, sleeping.  At night, she nurses around 10, then wakes up around 3/4, and awakes for the day at 7.  We are hoping to drop that 3:00/4:00 feeding anytime now.

- She chews on her hands and has discovered her thumb once or twice.

- She is holding up her head more and more and still loves kicking her legs.

Dear Hatley-Grace,

Your Daddy and I fall in love with you more and more each day.  We are so tickled when you smile at us, "talk" to us, and recognize our voices.  We love reading the Jesus Storybook Bible to you at night before bed.  On lots of occasions, Daddy and I are very tired from taking care of you but we have grown so much together as a family because of our fatigue.

We went to the beach this month and you did wonderfully.  You liked napping on the beach, and laying on the beach towels.  You went in the pool with your Mimi and enjoyed floating on the raft.

Everyone comments on how you are such a good baby. You are pretty content in all circumstances, and are comfortable around new people.  As I am writing this, you are fussing next to me in the bunny rocker because you had your first shots today at the doctor.  They said that extra fussiness and fatigue are normal symptoms, so maybe we will just snuggle and watch a movie this afternoon :)

I can't wait to see how you continue to change and grow into the little girl that God has designed you to be.  I love this newborn stage and will be sad to say goodbye to it soon.  You are such a blessing to us already sweet Hatley-Grace.



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Ashley said...

She is already looking older! And you look fabulous (as always!) Enjoy every moment! :)