Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hattie Grace at 8 Weeks

-HG has been going through a growth spurt this week.  Some days she is on a normal, 3 hour feeding, wake time and nap time schedule, and other days she has been waking up 45 min. into her nap starving and needing to eat every 2 hours.  I know this is "normal", but I am ready for it to be over :)

My favorite photo from this week.  Thanks Aunt Bethany for the cute "New York Boutique" outfit :)
-  HG has "slept through the night" twice so far (about 6-7 hours straight).  I am hoping once this growth spurt is done, that will become our new normal.

-  She likes to be swaddled with her arms out, and often sleeps like this.

- She is much more alert now.  She follows her links well with her eyes.  She makes eye contact and smiles at us lots!  She is enjoying tummy time much more these days, and stays awake too :)  She is able to lift her head with much more control as well.  She has also discovered my hair, and likes to grab hold of it.

-  While getting her diaper changed, she stares at her hair bows and smiles at them..

-  My Aunt sent us the beautiful quilt she made for HG.  This will be an heirloom that HG will have forever.  She is so loved!  

 We have verbally agreed on a price for a home and are waiting for the paperwork to be complete to make it final.  We will most likely be homeowners very soon.  Lots more details to come once it is finalized.  God has blessed us greatly with a wonderful home, at the right price, to suit our needs for ministry and friends/family that visit.  Continue to pray for wisdom and peace as we proceed to spend a lot of money and take this big leap as a family.


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