Friday, September 13, 2013

3 months

Our tiny little Hatley-Grace is now 3 months.  Wow, how our sweet little girl has grown and changed over the past 13 weeks!  She went from a 5 lb. 10oz. newborn to a 12 lb. baby with sweet rolls on her legs and big cheeks.  She used to sleep most of the day away, and is now alert and taking in the world around her.  She is noticing her hands and stares at them often, yet is not aware that she can do anything with them.

Many people comment on how content Hattie-Grace is.  She is truly a happy and laid back baby.  She is comfortable with anyone picking her up and holding her.  At youth group, the girls love to hold her and play with her and HG enjoys them as well.  She is becoming very social, and doesn't always nap while we are out and about.  She will just look around with tired eyes and take in all the new sights and sounds.

We have started to "settle" into a good routine, which will change soon, but I love this stage with HG.  She wakes at 7, and is still on a 3 hour routine throughout the day (nursing, playing, napping).  On most nights, she sleeps from 10:30-7.  I feel safe to say that we have survived the "newborn stage", with all its lack of sleep and middle of the night feedings!  In our case, it really wasn't that bad since HG would always go right back to sleep after nursing.  A huge blessing for our first baby :)

Dear Hattie-Grace,

You are no longer an itty bitty newborn, but a sweet spirited baby.  Part of me is sad to see our times in the middle of the night end.  Looking back on it, those times were so special and something I won't forget.  I did not know how fast the first three months would go.  At times, the monotony of each day seemed to never end, now in a blink of an eye you are bigger and able to interact with me.  We are still living a very boring life of eating, playing and sleeping, but we are able to get out and do much more now :)

Gosh, Hattie-Grace, your Mama worries about everything.  When you were tiny, I worried about if you were eating enough, now I worry about if you are developing "like you should".  You haven't rolled over yet, and I worry.   You don't hold your head up for long stretches during tummy time, and I worry.  You wake up early from your nap, and I worry.  You throw up, and I worry.  I pray you get your Daddy's care free spirit :)  I have continued to learn to trust that God has a perfect plan for your life.

I love when your big blue eyes stare up at me, and the way you wrap your whole hand around my thumb when you are nursing.  I love that you are content while strangers hold you and that you smile back at the youth group girls when they make faces at you.  Your complete trust in your Daddy and me to care for you is a constant reminder to me of how I need to trust in my heavenly Father fully each day.  He has provided for you and been faithful to you so very much in your short 3 months, and will continue to watch over you and provide for your every need for all of your years to come.  We have a wonderful heavenly Father Hattie-Grace, and for that we will always give thanks!  

You are such a blessing to our lives and we love you so very much!
Love, Mama

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