Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hatley-Grace at 14 weeks

This picture melts my heart.  This is my sweet girl at 14 weeks.

We figured out that she cannot tolerate spinach or kale.  We have battled some phases of projectile vomiting in the past, and this week specifically identified them as a result of me eating kale or spinach. Bye bye healthy green salads for a little while :(

HG is noticing her hands, and uses them to bat at some of her toys. 

She smiles and almost giggles when we play patty-cake, patty-cake, and peek-a-boo.

She is tolerating tummy time more, and is working hard when we stretch her neck.

We have tried two nights of 12 hours between feedings, 7pm-7am.  So far one night worked and one night she woke up at 5.  

We are closing on our house on Tuesday, so we are in packing mode here.  Marty and I are both a little stressed and anxious, so prayers would be appreciated.  Thanks :)

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Ashley said...

she is precious! where have you found most of her smocked things?