Saturday, September 14, 2013


Two weeks ago, we went to the physical therapist because Hattie-Grace has mild torticollis.  This simply means one of her muscles in her neck is tight so she favors looking to her right.  This is probably due to her positioning in the womb, the girl didn't change positions for about 20 weeks.  If not addressed, this could affect her gross motor development, so we went to the PT to learn how to help.  We do two stretches, after every diaper change about 10 times each.  We stretch HG's right ear to her right shoulder, and stretch her neck all the way to the left.

(Please note these stretches do not hurt our baby, they just look a little uncomfortable)

We also have tried to do most things from her left.  I sit to her left while she is playing, or read a book to her left.  We went back to the PT on Friday, and she was so pleased with our progress!  Now we have added a "Superman" stretch, where we hold her like superman on our lap and she practices lifting her head.  I have been so impressed with how quickly these few stretches have helped her mobility.  We are praying that the visit this week will be our last, and that we can continue with what we have learned on our own.

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