Friday, October 4, 2013

16 weeks...better late than never

Hatley-Grace's days have looked mostly like this during her 16th week of life.

HG has been a trooper this week.  On Saturday, we officially moved into our new home in Crystal River, FL.  She has adjusted well to nap times on the move, new views from her crib and changing table and lots of noise.

HG has started cooing so much.  I need to learn how to post a video, because it is just like she is having a conversation with you!  

Her big blue eyes and long lashes have been so sweet to me this week.  Y'all, it is stressful moving into a "fixer-upper" with a baby.  I have felt so torn between being a Mama, and getting unpacked, and doing projects this week.  I am longing for her nursery flooring to be done, so I can get her settled into her own space. 

The first couple nights in the new house, she woke up at night, yet is now back to 12 hours consistently.  Her morning nap is always the best right now, but probably because we are usually at home.  She is eating every 3-31/2 hours. 

She is not rolling over yet, but has much better head control.  We tried the Bumbo out this week, and I think she enjoyed it for a little while.  We also went to the church nursery to watch a friend's baby, and HG got to nap in the swing...which she really loves :)

 HG enjoys Patty Cake and Our God Is So Great, right now and will giggle when we do the hand motions.  Her little giggles melt my heart!  

More house updates to come when we get the chance :) 

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