Wednesday, October 9, 2013

17 weeks

 Hatley-Grace rolled from her tummy to her back this week!  She has only done this on the couch, not on the floor yet.  I'm not sure what it is about the softer surface of the couch, but she is able to arch her back and roll herself over.

She is starting to transition into a 3-4 hour routine, which makes it harder for me to predict her routine.  Sometimes her naps are an hour, sometimes they are as long as 2 hours.  We have been out and about getting house stuff done, so this may be part of the reason as well.  
Carpet is being installed in her nursery tomorrow!  Marty and I have worked really hard stripping, sanding and painting the trim in her room.  The walls are a sweet light pink, Sherwin Williams Patient White, and the trim is a nice bright white.  I can not wait to get her settled in her room tomorrow.  It is fun thinking about decorating her nursery all over again, and making a space that is just hers.  It is one of my favorite rooms in the house, with a large window and great natural light.   

 I imagine HG in a few months pulling herself up on the trim on the base of this window to watch the squirrels playing in the yard.  We still need to prime and paint the trim around the window, and build out the closet for her.  Slowly but surely!

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