Saturday, October 12, 2013

4 months

Hatley-Grace is four months old today.

The past few weeks, I have fallen in love with my sweet girl even more than I thought possible.  Her little personality is developing right now and it is such a joy to watch her grow.

We bought a home and moved in during this month of HG's life.  I hope to see her take her first steps in our living room, become a big sister, climb the trees in the front yard, and have her first day of school, all in this home.  I have had a hard time during this move.  We are in a home that needs lots of deep cleaning, and has too many projects to count.  We need all sorts of furniture without the budget to just go and get it.  We have very little shopping here, i.e no Target, so running out quickly to get the million and one things we need is not possible.  Yet, during all this change, HG has been such a trooper.

On Thursday, I saw my little girl's sweet heart like never before...

I had found the perfect church pew bench on Craigslist.  We have been looking for one since we got married, over 6 years!  This was was beautiful and simple and the right size.  I had agreed on a price with the owner and we were going to pick it up on Saturday.  Awesome!  One thing actually done in this home!  It would add so much seating to our living room, and would be the perfect entertaining piece!  (I was very excited about it).

HG woke up from her nap and I while I was nursing her I got an e-mail from the owner of the pew that she had sold it for a better price and that they had picked it up already.  I was so upset, I started crying.  I am not a cryer, like I think this was the first time HG had ever seen me cry.  She immediately stopped nursing, looked up at me, started pouting and cried right there with me.  As long as tears were rolling down my face, they rolled down hers too.  Like her Mama, HG is not a cryer either, she basically only cries when she is really tired and is going to sleep.

The Lord showed me a little glimpse of Hately-Grace's empathetic heart.  She has such a patient and calm heart.  Others constantly comment on how calm and content she is.  She is a happy baby, yet this week I saw her heart, her sweet spirit shinning through.  I don't know how the Lord will use this in her life, but I know that He is going to do great things through her.

I don't know weight or height, our 4 month check-up is not for a while :(
Flip Diapers: shortest setting, 4 snaps in
Clothes: Depends on the brand, some 0-3m, some 3m, some 3-6m
Schedule: HG usually gets up around 7 and still follows a 3 hour nurse, play, nap routine.  Some days she is stretching to 3 1/2-4 hour routine, but not consistently.  At night, she nurses around 7 and goes to bed about 7:30 and sleeps until morning.  She is very social and struggles to nap while we are out and about.
Development:  She rolled from her tummy to her back this week.  She is not doing this all the time, but now we know she is able to.  She is grasping everything and exploring it with her mouth.  She giggles when we tickle her tummy or give her kisses on her neck.  She talks all the time.  At a party last night, she talked so loud to try to match the volume in the room :)


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