Friday, November 29, 2013

24 weeks

Oh my sweet Hatley-Grace!

This week, HG has been moving and wiggling, twisting and turning like never before.  She still does not like to play on her tummy, but has rolled over onto her tummy to reach for toys this week...and quickly rolls right back :)  

She has been very social this week.  I had my small group over to make some Christmas presents, and HG loved hanging out with all the girls.  She loves being around other people, and hates to nap while she is around others and fears she will miss out on all the fun!

I'm just loving these pajamas that my Grandmother brought her.  They are from a clothing company called Hatley, and have their logo on the back.  Just like it was monogrammed just for her :)

HG is getting better at sitting up on her own.  She is loving her jumperoo and enjoys reaching for the hanging toys.  
We are in the midst of week 25, and oh boy HG's schedule has been crazy.  I'm not exactly sure what all the causes are, yet we are starting solids tomorrow morning to help correct some of these sleeping issues.  Pray for us please :)

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