Wednesday, November 13, 2013

5 Months

Hatley-Grace has grown and developed so much this past month.  She is much more of a baby than an infant now, and though I loved the early baby stage, this age is so much fun! 

 I can see Hatley-Grace learning and taking in the world around her.  We just hung lots of decorations in her nursery, and she will notice them and smile and each new thing she discovers.  She gets a kick out of all the ceiling fans in our house, whether they are on or not, she will smile and giggle at them.  She is such a wiggler too!  While she is nursing, playing, or being held, she will wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, kick her legs and arch her back to look around.  She giggles when we give her kisses and bounce her up and down.  She is getting more comfortable on her tummy, and will roll from her tummy to her back.  At times she will still get stuck on her tummy, give up and cry out for help :) 

Hatley-Grace used to be my predictable, scheduled child...then something happened.  Maybe it was the move, or family visitors in and out throughout this month, or a feeding change, yet she is much more unpredictable during the day than the first 4 months.  She has continued to be a champ at sleeping through the night, which is most important to me :), yet her naps have fluctuated a ton.  Right now she usually wakes around 6:30/7, has about an 1 1/2-2 hour awake time then naps from about 9-10:30/11.  The she will nurse, and be awake until about 12/1 then nap for an hour or so, sometimes way more sometimes less.  She will nurse around 2 and then maybe catnap sometime in between 3-5 but does not want to nap in her crib.  Then she nurses around 5 and is awake until bedtime at 6:30/7.  From 5-7 she is tired, and is getting ready for bed, so we try to do bath time and read books and such until 6:30/7 when she nurses a little more and then goes to bed for the night.  This makes going out in the evenings more difficult for youth group night, small group night, and social outings.  
All tuckered out from a morning at church

She is loving bath time so much right now.  She kicks and splashes and plays with her VT cup.
This week, we started putting her in her high chair seat if she is awake at a meal time.  I'm trying to expose her to us eating, and table routines before starting solids.  She is so interested in what we are eating and drinking, will lick her lips and drool.  It is precious seeing her learn about eating at the table and explore sitting up in her chair.  

 HG is wearing a combination of 3m 3-6m and 6m month clothes.  Basically if it is not a bubble romper it needs to be bigger because of her cloth diaper.  Pajamas are 6-12m now.  We moved her to the medium length of Flips still on 4 snaps in.  Hairbows are still present and stay in much better.  Her headband that was huge at birth fits snuggly now :)  She has yet to discover how to pull the bow off, and hopefully we won't reach that point any time soon.  Her hair is much lighter now, and sometimes looks strawberry.  Her eyes have stayed blue this far, and many people say she is starting to favor Marty more, especially her expressions.
 Dear Hatley-Grace,

You are growing up so quickly.  Pretty soon you will be running around this crazy big house and I will have to try to keep up with you.  I loved the infant stage with you, but I love watching you grow and learn.  Your big smiles and giggles show me God's beautiful grace daily!

I love our "normal" days together at home, running errands together shopping for groceries or new house stuff.  You love being in the baby carrier facing out while we are shopping and looking around.  You always bat your eyes and smile at strangers in the store who gush over you.  People continue to comment on how you are such a content and happy baby.   
 I love being your Mama, and pray that you continue to grow big and strong.  This month you were baptized.  Your Daddy and I took vows to teach you about Jesus' great love for you, and to help you grow to understand his grace and mercy.  I feel like the past month you have taught me much more about God's love and grace than I could ever teach you.  God has used your little spirit to reveal His great power and love to my heart each day.

 God has blessed us so richly with you our sweet girl!  You are so very loved!


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