Thursday, November 7, 2013

Baptism Weekend/ 21 weeks

Our sweet Hattie-Grace was baptized this past Sunday.  My mother, grandmother, sister, cousin, and Marty's parents came to visit for the weekend to celebrate with us.  We had a full house to say the least, but it was neat to see our new home bursting with loved ones!  

I wish I took more pictures from the weekend, but it is hard with a 4 month old to remember pictures :)  We got her a new Rosalina smocked dress for the occasion, and she wore a cute monogrammed diaper cover from Lil' Sweeties Designs, thanks Cameron!  

HG was baptized by Ray Cortese, and didn't seem to mind being sprinkled or kissed on :)

It was a true blessing to stand next to our sweet friends while baptizing our daughters together.

We had a big lunch at our home after church with family and some church staff.  I served white chicken chili, and Ashley's chicken tortilla soup.  We also had ham biscuits with country ham all the way from Virginia, a veggie platter, Two Peas in a Pod's chocolate chip cookie bars and pumpkin chocolate chip muffins.  We kept drinks simple with sweet tea, green tea and La Croix waters.    

 It was so special to have my Grandmother here to celebrate with us!  HG is named in honor of my Grandmother and this was the first time they were able to meet.  My Grandmother is a woman of character and grace, and the older I become the more I treasure the many lessons I have learned from her.  Her kind hearted spirit has been an example to me of how to love others well and how to practice hospitality.  She is full of grace and southern charm.  My Grandmother worked so hard this weekend to help us settle into our new home, ironing and cooking up a storm all in her pearls!  We were blessed by her presence this weekend and I loved watching HG interact with her.  I hope for many more memories of the two of these Hatley women together :)

My dear sister came all the way from New York City to spend the weekend with us.  HG loves her Auntie B and tells me she is her most favorite Auntie ever!  
All our family was so helpful this weekend.  It was so nice to have so many hands to help with cooking, cleaning, and caring for HG.  

It is always bittersweet to have family visit, because it reminds us of how far away we are.  The most special part of the luncheon on Sunday was watching our family interact with our church family here.  We are so encouraged and supported as we raise HG in the Lord's love and grace by the family around us here in Citrus County.  


Ashley said...

Looks like a beautiful celebration! You look INCREDIBLE Meredith and I'm loving the photo of Marty at the ready with the nasal aspirator. :)

Lisa said...

I wish I could have been there!